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Amidst the chaos and bustle of the city lies a luxurious tea brand called Parade, whose narrative began on a serene afternoon two decades ago. Once upon a time, there was a young man named Roger who was passionate about tea culture. He was wandering in an ancient tea garden when the aroma of tea drew him in. Immersed in the faint fragrance In the tea garden, he experienced a sense of tranquility and felt the profound history and culture that it held. Roger, a young man with a deep passion for tea and a reverence for traditional tea culture, decided to translate his love into a tea brand - Parade.
The fundamental value of the Parade is embodied in its unwavering commitment to product quality and its profound appreciation for the traditional tea culture. Under Roger's leadership, Parade takes it as its responsibility to inherit and promote Chinese tea culture, striving to create a series of high-quality and unique teas. Every leaf of tea is carefully picked and processed, just perfect interpret the spirit of the "Tea Ceremony".Since its inception, the Parade has progressively emerged as a leader in the domestic tea industry. The unique taste and quality of this tea have won the love and recognition of many tea enthusiasts. Simultaneously, Parade brand is dedicated to inheriting and promoting Chinese tea culture, empowering numerous individuals to comprehend and develop a passion for Chinese tea via a variety of cultural exchange activities.

(Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee teas quality)

In the future, the Parade will persist in its original intention, viewing it as its duty to inherit and promote tea culture, and striving to offer improved products with distinctive features to a wider range of tea aficionados. Simultaneously, Parade aspires to increase awareness and foster an affinity for Chinese tea among a wider audience, thereby furthering the dissemination and prevalence of Chinese tea culture on a global scale.The visual image of the Parade is simple yet elegant, imbued with the connotation of traditional Chinese culture. The brand's identity, implied by the simple " Tea" character, emphasizes its focus and persistence. The slogan "YOUR CHOICE OF DIGNITY AND EXTRAORDINARY TASTE" exemplifies Parade tea brand's premium positioning and reverence for the traditional culture of tea.In the story of Parade brand, we observe the devotion to tea culture, reverence, and passing on of customs. Every Parade tea is a tribute to traditional culture, with each leaf of tea representing and embellishing the essence of the "Tea Ceremony". As we savour a cup of Parade tea, we can also immerse ourselves in the passion for traditional culture.In this world of noise, let us appreciate the beauty of Parade's story and immerse ourselves in the brand's commitment to traditional tea culture. Let the Parade tea brand be a beautiful addition to our lives.

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